Direct download eMule setup for Windows PC

Direct download eMule setup for Windows PC. It is one of most resourceful client app developed for downloading and sharing large files over the ed2k network. eMule enables its users to connect to ED2K network and transfer files utilizing the zlib-compressed format quickly and with ease.

eMule is a simple file-sharing program that allows users to download and share files, communicate with other users and regulate the bandwidth.

Direct download eMule setup
Direct download eMule setup

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eMule Features

Contains an advanced search option and backup facilities.

Enables you to save lots of bandwidth.

Allows boosting transfer speed.

It is a highly effective and advanced multi-platform file-sharing app that allows its users to transfer items utilizing zlib data format.

Download eMule and benefit from the highly advanced multi-platform file-sharing program. eMule not only allows transferring data over the ED2K network, but it can also be employed for optimizing bandwidth utilization.

Direct download eMule setup

This app aims to equip its users with robust tools and useful features required for exchanging data with their buddies via eDonkey2000 network. It aims at providing its users an easier and quicker way for transferring files, communicating with buddies and saving bandwidth.

The app comes equipped with a variety of helpful features such as limiting bandwidth, improving file sharing speed, IRC channel support etc.

Advanced Features

Simple Setup and Interface

The installation process is quite flawless. It does not include any third-party offer. The interface is insightful and easy to use, as it only includes some key options and panes with some details.

Quick File Sharing

Choose the desired server, look for a certain file and upload it to share with others. You can also easily download any file uploaded by others.

Easily Interact with Others

The app allows users to chat with friends or other users as well as access IRC channels. You can configure username and language, and choose the font of the chat text.

Search Filter

Moreover, it comes with a quite advanced search function. You can choose the file type, add a keyword and file size limit, and make an exclusion list. Results appear in a well-timed way, together with complete details.

Add Friends and Access IRC channels

You can add friends to their IP address, port, and username, in order to work together. In addition, you can also access IRC channels.

Extra Advanced Options

Additional features include connecting multiple servers simultaneously, modify the transfer capacity, schedule a task, activate MobileMule, make stats and configure many options.

Direct download eMule setup

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